Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finding the balance in our daily struggles

We are living in an age, where challenges and responsibilities of this life are surrounding us from every direction. As rational creatures living on this planet our life should have all the dimensions that are required for our survival, as an example: we have to improve our spiritual life by strengthening our relationship with our creator, we have to achieve our career goals and objectives, we have to keep strengthening our ties of kinship, we have to stay connected with our old friends, we have to try and make new friends and it goes on and on and on…. these and many more responsibilities are waiting for us to be fulfilled. Truly, balancing these affairs is key for our success. However, bringing this balance is not an easy task. In our daily live we can encounter people who seem to have lost this balance. You will find some people who are workaholics who carry the baggage of their workload with themselves everywhere they go. Some are idler who don’t want to do anything at all. Some claim to be devotees of god and don’t want to have anything with worldly affairs. Some call themselves atheists who refuse to accept spirituality as part of their life. All these extremes are due to the fact that we forget to balance our daily affairs. We need to realize that while it is important for us to have a spiritual life we also need to earn a living and feed our family.  In fact in Islam feeding our family and spending quality time with them is also considered an act of worship.  Similarly, while working tirelessly to excel in our professional career we also need to give time to improve our relationship with our fellow human being and the creator of all worlds. 

If we fail to bring this uniformity in our daily affairs then we will either turn in to a religious monk who is always disconnected from the world or a working machine who will have no aim in this world other than satisfying his never ending greed.

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