Monday, April 22, 2013

Let’s be fair and unbiased...

Today our school participated in one minute silence that was observed across the US to condemn the brutal killing of civilians in Boston that claimed the lives of 3 human beings and injured more than 180. Truly as a human being we need to strictly condemn such acts of terror. However, as rational and sympathetic human beings it is our obligation to express similar condemnation for the killings of innocent human beings in other parts of the world.  We need to realize that acts similar or even worse than Boston bombing  are happening on daily basis in Syria that claim the lives of innocent  civilians including women and children. Similarly, dozens of innocent human beings lose their lives in Afghanistan for no reason; tens and hundreds of Burmese are killed and persecuted on daily basis.  Aren’t they member of the same human society? Don’t they also deserve our sympathy and moral support? Shouldn’t we bring their killers to justice same like what we did to the perpetrators of Boston bombing?  If we all agree that all human beings are equal and all have equal rights to live on this planet , irrespective their race , religion , location , etc.. Then we need to unbiasedly express our saddened feeling for the killing of any human being in all over the world and try to stop them.