Thursday, August 16, 2012

Media and its power on masses,

Bismillah ( In the name of Allah ) as I am writing my first blog , I want to start it with the great name of the creator of the heavens and the earth , Allah (SWT).

Have you noticed how some people around us are blind folded by the media ? You might be wondering why this question came in to my mind. Actually sometimes when I hang around with my friends and  we discuss about different socio-economic , religious , and etc.. matters, I notice that their ideas and way of thinking are under the shadow of the media. They think as if whatever media produces to them is 100% authentic and true. Now I don't have any problem with the media , in fact I believe the growth in media has transformed our lives and ways of living. However, it does not mean that whatever media spits out is 100% true and unbiased.

It is weird how people now a days provide an evidence for their argument from abc or bbc or fox news. Despite the fact that these media outlets are doing an excellent job in providing us with real time updates about events from all corners of the world , but at the same time we need to realize that media is not always unbiased , this is because they have to favor the ones who are filling their pockets and covering their expenses. All I want to say is that while listening or reading the media sources , we shouldn't see the characters exactly how the media sees them. Rather our society needs authenticity which can only be acheived if we play our part in verifying the information we receive from the media before passing it over.

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